Coffee Talks with Elizabeth and Olivia: A Letter to Our Teenage Selves

Our coffee talk this week took place while brunching at Evoke in Edmond. The featured image captures their super delish avocado toast and an americano.. our usual. While chowing away, we discussed how our lives have changed since high school, which is how we came up with the idea of writing a letter to our former self…


Olivia’s Letter to Her Teenage Self


  1. Through the Tears You Find Strength

I know you will not believe me but that jerk who spread rumors about you to the entire school does not deserve your stress! Your real friends will never believe him and you will eventually laugh about it all. Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal 14-year-old me. Stop freaking out.

  1. Carry Confidence

When adults tell you your opinion is not valid simply because of your age, do not listen to them. Continue to let your voice be heard. You are now 23-years-old and older folks still end debates with the same response. You are young but that does not mean you are foolish.

  1. It’s OK to Fail

You are going to make countless mistakes but you will grow from them. Every failure is a lesson to learn. See the beauty in the catastrophes.

  1. You’re Not in Love

Love is so much more than the butterflies in your stomach feeling. It’s having a best friend you can confide in. It’s about being able to have an argument without fear that the other person will walk away. It’s about sharing when you’re hurt but also admitting when you are wrong. Love is significantly more meaningful than what you are feeling right now. You’ll find true love with the most handsome, respectful and caring man (who you love to embarrass) don’t worry. 😉

5. Band > Cheer

It’s okay that you would rather play the flute with a bunch of nerds than cheer. You won’t regret turning in your cheerleading uniform. Those nerds become your friends for life. Band is your place to escape from reality and something you will deeply miss.

6. Cherish Your Family

Everything is about to change. Everyone is about to go their own way. You’ll enjoy having your big girl apartment, but you will really miss late night talks on the couch with mom, yelling at Fisher to turn his music down and creating recipes with dad. Life is about to get expensive and busy, which makes for little money or time to spend with family. Savor every moment.

7. Feeling Trapped

I know you feel trapped among the fields of Southwest Kansas, but you are not. Someday you will be living in a big ole city and all he’s ever gonna be is mean (yes, I am referencing T. Swift…. BTW, she gets even more rad in a few years).

8. Shake It

Keep dancing to Beyoncé under the bright country stars with your best friends. This will be one of your favorite memories.

9. Learn to Adapt

You think you have your life all mapped out but you do not. God is about to push you so far away from your comfort zone. Get ready for change, girlfriend. Your dreams of becoming a fashion designer will not come true, not because you do not have talent, but because you find yourself caring more passionately about something else. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you what you work so hard to become, so you are just going to have to wait.

  1. The Best is Yet to Come

Seriously. You WILL get your passport and travel across the world. You WILL meet people who are incredibly loving, intelligent and intimidating. These places and people will make you feel like the opportunities in the world are limitless. You might mess up along the way, but in the end, these people and places will get you right where you need to be.



Elizabeth’s Letter to Her Teenage Self


1.Don’t stress out about the constant moving. Growing up as an air force brat will provide you with so many opportunities to travel and see the world. This will also play a huge role in shaping and developing who you are.

2. Cherish your friendships. You establish some really lovely friendships and I’m happy to report, that many of your best friends right now are still people that you are wonderfully close with. Continue to surround yourself with magnanimous people who challenge you intellectually and spiritually. People who love your oddities and appreciate that you are such a little nerd, because years later, those people will still love you and be your biggest cheerleaders. (Kels, Kate, Alisha and Lauren ❤ )

3. And now, for some purely superficial beauty advice: stay out of the tanning beds, have someone help you find the right shade of foundation and don’t try to pluck your own eyebrows, it’s like seven dollars to get them waxed professionally, pay up. Don’t cut your hair short, you already got rid of your god-awful perm, so don’t do anything crazy….On that note, I could also tell you that you are going to save money to get your hair highlighted, and it comes out looking like a skunk, but this is actually pretty funny and you only have to walk around with your hair like that for 24 hours before your mom feels bad enough to help you fix it. (also stop sleeping in your contacts, are you crazy?)

4. Don’t date, ever. Just kidding. Ideally I could tell you that, or at least tell you to wait until you’re about 23 but you wouldn’t listen either way. So what I will say, is be careful with your heart, trust your gut instincts and know that you will get through everything that is thrown your way, you will learn and you will grow from the different experiences and everything works out just as it is intended to. You’ll be just fine, I promise.

5. Embrace your constant giggling and loud laugh. (At 25, this is still something we have not been able to outgrow, and you still get teased about it).

6. Turns out mom and dad are right about some (read: most) stuff, but not everything, like the 2008 election for instance. This also seems like a good time to tell you to appreciate the time you have living with your sisters, believe it or not you will miss living across the hall from them. (You don’t, however, miss them stealing your makeup, clothes, shampoo, sanity…etc.)

7. Trust your intuition and your calling. Your admiration for history books, museums and research….is so much more than a hobby. Also, I suppose now would be a good time to tell you that you will enter college Pre-Law, and you will change your major several times in the attempt to avoid studying what you KNOW you want to pursue because you are so unsure what you will do with a History degree. Be patient with yourself, we figure it out eventually, and SURPRISE: you do graduate college and your BA is in Museum Studies and guess what else? YOU. ARE. IN. GRAD. SCHOOL. Studying history. And if I know you (which I obviously do, because I was you) then you would be smiling from ear to ear reading that. (Don’t smile too big though because I also got us into some debt with student loans….but we will let 27 year old Elizabeth figure that one out).

8. When you turn 19, you get the brilliant idea to get a tattoo behind your ear. At 25, I can tell you, this is one of the stupidest things you do. (This is also another issue I’m punting to 27 year old Elizabeth-she can figure out how to pay for the tattoo removal)

9. Be kind to yourself, you are your own harshest critic.

10. Finally, I am so excited for you to grow up! You will get through the rough patches and learn so much about yourself and others. At 25, I’m pleased to tell you, you are HAPPY. You are working on your MA with your eyes fixed intently toward a PhD program. You have surrounded yourself with amazing friends who challenge and inspire you daily. You are going to travel and see things you never thought you would have the opportunity to experience. So keep working hard, retain your passion and zeal for learning and keep your sense of humor. Appreciate the good times and learn from the bad.

P.S. The housing bubble bursts in 2008

P.S.S. Leo wins an Academy Award in 2016. I know you thought you would be married to him by this time, I’m still working that one out.


Me. You. Us.


One thought on “Coffee Talks with Elizabeth and Olivia: A Letter to Our Teenage Selves

  1. I enjoyed reading your letters girls! Brought a smile to my face. You are both full of productive wisdom! My advice to you (from a beyond middle aged woman) ENJOY your 20’s and 30’s!!!!!! Wear all the clothes you want to wear now! When you reach my age it becomes inappropriate 😗Learn to embrace that monthly friend 😉It has several advantages I didn’t appreciate when I HAD the visitor. Take your vitamins, cause the fact of the matter is things do detoriate. Make sure you always walk with your shoulders back, cause when you reach your 50’s slouching becomes natural. So girls those are a few pointers from a beyond middle aged woman 😘

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