Long Live the Revolution

During this election season, my political views have profoundly changed thanks to Senator Bernie Sanders.

Bernie, being the “radical” former presidential candidate, has motivated me to research political history and current policies and decide for myself what I believe is right.

Let me tell you, I did not become an overnight Bernie lover. I went back and forth with what I should believe simply because I was afraid of what my friends and family would think of me. How could I ever call myself a Christian and a democrat? However, the more I researched historical and current policies compared to Bernie’s political position, the more confident I became. Everything clicked and I knew what I stood for. Just days before primaries, I ran to the Post Office to change my voting registration from “Independent” to “Democratic” …and it felt good.

I became one of those “annoying” Bernie fans that nearly everyone hates.. and it felt good.

Needless to say, when Bernie was not elected to be the Democratic Presidential candidate, I was heartbroken. I literally started crying. Then I logged on to Facebook and saw that the few Bernie supporting friends I had were now split between supporting Johnson and Clinton.. and some decided to not care about the elections at all. The tears stopped flowing as I became terrified.

Bernie has dedicated his whole life to fighting for equality and now that he is not going to be president in 2016, you give up? REALLY? Does this movement mean absolutely nothing to you?

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders proudly endorsed Hillary Clinton as the nominee of the Democratic Party as President of the United States. Yes, they have their differences but Bernie understands that with Clinton as president, America will be closer to what Bernie and his supporters want it to be. While some of you are split between Johnson and Clinton, I encourage you to compare each of their policies to Bernie’s. I have done so and understand that if I truly want a political revolution, I need to vote.




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