A Weekend in New Orleans

One hot June day, we were lying by the pool when Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons”came on. The jazzy feel to the song reminded us of the south, New Orleans in particular. We had been trying to decide where to go on a road trip before school started and after that jazzy song, we knew New Orleans is where we had to be.

736 miles cramped in a Prius later and we finally made it. We met up with Liv’s Aunt Janine who graciously housed us, fed us, and showed us all the hip places {seriously could not have done it without her}.

Then, we hit the streets..   unnamed (4)                                    unnamed (5)

       Beignets and café au lait at the famous Café Du Monde.

unnamed (8)

We couldn’t be in New Orleans without stopping by The National World War II Museum. It is definitely something everyone should free up an afternoon to go see.

     unnamed (6)

People everywhere welcomed us with the finest southern hospitality.

unnamed (13)        unnamed (10)

You also cannot be in New Orleans without hitting up the French Quarters.

                    unnamed (14)    unnamed (16)

The next couple of days were spent in the quaint Bay St. Louis. Many festivals take place in the area, recently, they celebrated “Frida Fest” so Frida’s face was nearly around every corner.


Chuck and Glenn, the owners of the Breezy Porches Guesthouse, gave us a tour of their charming place on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. If you too want to go on the journey we had, which you definitely should, staying at the Breezy Porches Guesthouse would be our recommendation.

unnamed (18)  Brunch, shopping and nightlife filled our days here.

                          unnamed (22)   unnamed (24)        unnamed (25)

                        On the way home we stopped by Vicksburg’s National Military Park. We got to explore an actual Union Army smallpox quarantine hospital and Union trenches. Needless to say, we nerded out.

     Overall, we’d like to thank Beyoncé and Aunt Janine for helping us travel to the south. It was a weekend we will never forget.


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