Love Trumps Hate

Between finishing up my bachelors, E’s first year of grad school, ending relationships, researching and traveling, we have unfortunately been too busy to blog. However, this week has crippled me to do nothing but take multiple baths, pray, read news articles, listen to Common, and drink way too much coffee. So why not be somewhat productive and blog? Thoughts are racing through my mind, I … Continue reading Love Trumps Hate

Coffee Talk: Misconceptions of Being a History Major

If we had a dime for every time someone made the joke, “so, what sport are you going to coach?” after we tell them we are history majors, we could pay off our student loans, jet off to London and you would never hear from us again. Since we are so used to explaining ourselves, we thought, why not make a blog out of it? (Side … Continue reading Coffee Talk: Misconceptions of Being a History Major

Oklahoma Teachers are Drowning

Assignment after assignment, conference after conference, loan after loan… and for what? To graduate from the top teaching university in the state and be paid just above the poverty line. I am constantly wondering how I am going to be able to eat healthy, dress professionally, hold a roof over my head AND pay back student loans with these wages. Financial concerns have woken me up in … Continue reading Oklahoma Teachers are Drowning

Ice-Cream Sundae Talks: Positivity and Motivation

We made a slight deviation this week from our usual coffee talk and decided to grab ice-cream sundae’s instead. For those living in Oklahoma you know how hot it’s been so we stopped into Kaiser’s in Midtown for our sweet treat. E: With classes beginning right around the corner, I always feel it necessary to garner as much positive energy and motivation before the semester begins and my course … Continue reading Ice-Cream Sundae Talks: Positivity and Motivation

Long Live the Revolution

During this election season, my political views have profoundly changed thanks to Senator Bernie Sanders. Bernie, being the “radical” former presidential candidate, has motivated me to research political history and current policies and decide for myself what I believe is right. Let me tell you, I did not become an overnight Bernie lover. I went back and forth with what I should believe simply because I was afraid of what … Continue reading Long Live the Revolution