Adopt Don’t Shop

Literally no exaggeration, Elizabeth follows 100+ animal shelters on social media. At least once a day she holds up her phone and says in a high-pitched squeaky voice, “Look how cute these puppies are!!” Which is exactly what transpired minutes before we decided we absolutely needed to go see these puppies in real life at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society!


We were welcomed by multiple kennels of sweet sleepy kittens as soon as we walked in.. which made the crazy old cat lady trapped inside Olivia shriek (she almost immediately remembered her cat at home already dictates her life).

Currently, neither of us are at a point where we could take an additional pet. Between school, work, research and the commitments we have made to our current pets we are both too busy to take the time to integrate another pet into our households (although we both plan to adopt pets in the future).

With that being said: We decided, if we couldn’t currently adopt or foster…. we would dedicate a post showcasing the importance of pet adoption, in the hopes that at least one animal could gain a forever home. If you are unable to adopt at this time (as we both are) consider looking into a foster program.

How does fostering work? Great question! Glad ya asked! Typically, when fostering a pet(s), you provide the basic care (food, water, basic training, safe place to stay) until the animal is adopted into a permanent home. Often times, the necessary supplies are also provided to you at the expense of the foundation you are working with. This is a temporary set up and can range anywhere from several days to several weeks, but most importantly…fostering saves lives. Through fostering, animal shelters are able to make room in local shelters which helps lower the chances for animals to be euthanized.


Take a look at the sweet faces we met at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society:

Check out LOAF! (Elizabeth couldn’t stop laughing at his name) He is a two month old terrier mix. He weighs about 10 pounds and is full of puppy energy!


We took him out to a play room but he just wanted to sit in our laps and cuddle.


MEET MARIA! She is a one year old Collie, Rough Mix. Her fur is soooo soft and she is sooo lovable and happy, even  in her little room. The sign on her door says she, “loves to chase water from a hose, play fetch, or basically anything else that allows her to run.” She can sit, lay, and wait patiently for an “okay” to eat a treat.


Maria does well with other dogs, cats and children! We  kept her busy with tug-of-war during our visit with her. Maria seems to be a low-maintenance dog that just needs a place to play and people to love.

If you lack the patience and energy needed to bring a new puppy into your home, shelters and pet adoption foundations are FILLED with older dogs, cats and kittens who need forever homes as well.

These adoption foundations are non-profits and are always in need of donations and supplies – in the event that you are unable to foster/adopt, consider making a small donation or  volunteer your time at an adoption event or in the shelters!


We’ve linked some foundations below, check them out and be sure to follow them on Facebook to get daily updates on available pets for adoption! 


Central Oklahoma Humane Society

The Bella Foundation

Country Roads Animal Rescue

All 4 One Rescue

Animal Rescue Foundation – Tulsa (this is where I adopted my sweet little Lilly from)


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